1st National Bank is proud to help you Bank Your Best with savings accounts that offer everything you need to control your finances while offering competitive interest rates. Start saving for your dreams today by asking your banking center for more information. View our easy savings comparison chart.

savings accounts for me

Simple Savings

Our savings plan earns interest on every dollar at an attractive rate. Your savings account can also be accessed with your free ATM card, or a Check Card attached to your checking account.

  • No monthly maintenance fee with min. balance of $500
  • Low minimum balance - five dollars open
  • ATM card to access funds
  • Online Banking & Mobile App Banking
  • Seniors and minors pay no monthly service fee
  • Interest compounded daily
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what is a money market account

Money Market Investment Account

Money Market Accounts are a great way to save for your future. Earn a higher rate as you increase your balance with our interest tiers.

  • Earns interest
  • Competitive tiered rates
  • No maintenance fee with minimum balance of $2,500
  • No fixed term
  • Will not lose money
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best rate on a cd right now

Certificate of Deposit

Maximize your earnings, while investing safely. Choose a term that best meets your needs. Your interest can be added to your account or transferred to your checking or savings account.

  • Earns interest
  • No monthly fee
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Guaranteed return
  • Free investment consultation
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health savings accounts

Health Savings Account

Designed to give you more control over your healthcare expenses, A HSA offers eligible individuals who participate in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) an affordable alternative. The HSA offers many benefits, including making contributions through employer payroll deduction or directly.

  • Earns interest
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • No minimum balance
  • Free debit card
  • Online & App Banking
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ira accounts and sep accounts for retirement

Retirement Account Options

Plan for the future while avoiding taxes today! Open an IRA or SEP account and earn interest while building a substantial retirement fund. Our wealth management team can help you determine the best retirement options.*

  • IRA
  • SEP
  • *Wealth Management
  • *Life Insurance
  • *May not be federally insured
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christmas bank accounts

Christmas Club Savings

Save for the holidays with automatic money transfers to a Christmas Club Account. In November, you will receive a check to use for your holiday purchases or you can elect to have the money transferred to a 1st National Bank account. If the payments are automatically transferred from another account and the account is paid up, then the Christmas Club will receive 1 extra payment.

  • Earns interest
  • Bonus payment if requirements met
  • Money automatically transferred
  • Online & App banking
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Certificates of DepositIcon For: Rates

Term Rate APY*
6 - 12 Months .50% .50%
1 - 2 Years .60% .60%
2 - 3 Years .70% .70%
4-5 Years 0.80% 0.80%

*Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of 2/9/2021 and is subject to change without notice. A $1,000 minimum balance is required to obtain the APY. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.