Acheive your business goals with our robust suite of business tools and custom solutions

Our powerful business online banking, treasury management, and merchant services tools are designed to streamline your business’s finances saving you time and money.

Securely and effortlessly manage your cash, payables, and receivables from your desktop, laptop, or tablet with Business Online Banking.

Simplify your employee expense reports, limits, and account reconciliation with eZBusiness.

Utilize the latest payment technology like visual terminals, sleek Clover Point-of-Sale Systems, and EMV chip-enabled cards for contactless payments.

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business online banking 1st national bank powerful online banking tool for businesses

Business Online Banking

With Business Online Banking, you can save time, improve your cash flow, and streamline your cash management procedures all in a fully secure environment. 1st National Bank’s business online banking translates perfectly from your desktop or laptop to your tablet. You’ll find powerful banking software – with important features:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple employee access levels
  • ACH and wire transfers
  • "Soft Token" mobile app security
  • Responsive design & touch-friendly screens
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eZBusiness Commercial Card Management 1st national bank credit card management for businesses

eZBusiness Commercial Card Management

eZBusiness is a premier web-based commercial card management solution. Its industry-leading technology and integration boasts the flexibility to optimize any commercial card program. Easily manage your employees’ cards and expenses with the online business solution that grows with you. Features include:

  • Adding new cardholders
  • Requesting new and replacement cards
  • Reallocation of existing limits in real-time
  • MCC and velocity maintenance
  • Closing cards
  • Updating demographics
  • Making payments
  • Online transaction disputes and service requests
  • Company alerts
  • Employee online management
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credit card processing

Credit Card Processing

With 1st National Bank/Omega Merchant Services, you can accept all major credit cards from VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and the full range of card types from purchasing cards to debit cards. Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient payment processing while helping you to reduce operating costs, improve cash flow and minimize exposure to fraud and risk,

  • Real time authorization or batch entry modes
  • Mobile & Online applications available
  • EMV Compliant Equipment
  • Personalized Training
Omega Technology
remote deposit capture

Remote Deposit Capture

This service lets you deposit checks without ever leaving your office.  With it, you scan checks received from customers and transfer deposits electronically to the bank anytime, day or night.  Simply scan an image of the check, prepare and balance the deposit on your computer, and then transmit the deposit electronically to the bank. 

  • Fast way to turn deposits to cash
  • Eliminate wire fees
  • No courier expenses
  • Less trips to the bank
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Lockbox services for businesses 1st national bank

Lockbox Services

Save hours or even days out of your collections process with Lockbox Services. We will pick up your receivables and deposit them into your account for you.

  • Reduce mail float
  • Reduce day's sales outstanding
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Increased security
  • Improve overall cash flow
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magic wrighter ach for businesses 1st national bank

Magic Wrighter ACH

1st National Bank has partnered with Magic Wrighter Inc for your ACH origination services. Our ACH Origination & Electronic Payment Services program delivers competitive advantages, allowing you electronic services easily and quickly.

  • Direct Deposit
  • Pay mandated child support and other garnished wages to the court electronically
  • Transfer funds to and from foreign countries saving costly wire transfers.
  • Pay your Federal and State Tax Payments
Magic Wrighter Inc.
sage payroll management services

Payroll Processing

Sage Payroll Services make it easy for businesses to streamline the payroll process. Our self-service online payroll service is ideal for most businesses with 1 to 10 employees.*

  • File federal, state, and local taxes with a penalty-free filing guarantee1
  • Deposit employees pay electronically into their account
  • Access convenient online system anytime, anywhere
  • Employee may view pay stub and W-2 easily online
  • Enjoy free access the HR Compliance Center & reports
  • Access Sage Payroll Services Certified Payroll Professionals
  • Peace of mind with a six-month money-back guarantee2
Sage Payroll
corporate benefit packages

Employee Benefits Package

Offering your employees a unique package of many popular banking benefits, our Employee Benefits Package is a program of discounts and bonuses available when they sign up for direct deposit of their payroll check into a 1st National Bank Checking and/or Savings Account.  Ask one of our associates for details. 

  • HSA
  • Payroll Cards
  • Direct Deposit
  • Relationship Pricing
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*For larger businesses, or those with more complex needs, ask us about our Full Service Payroll option.  Pricing will vary based on your specific needs.
1The error-free tax filing service guarantee includes payment of any fine or penalty directly resulting from any error by Sage.
2The money-back guarantee is only available within the first six months of payroll processing with Sage Payroll Services through contacting our customer service department at 1-877-784-9706.  The refund is only available on payroll processing fees, excluding courier, UPS fees, NSF charges, stop payment charges, and W-2 fees.

CD RatesIcon For: Rates

Term Rate APY*
15 Months 5.36% 5.50%
5 Years 4.41% 4.50%
4-5 Years 4.65% 4.75
2-3 Years 4.88% 5.00%
1-2 Years 2.96% 3.00%
6-12 Months 2.96% 3.00%

*Relationships must have an average balance of $1,000 or a lending product. CDs only excluded. APY (annual percentage yield) and rates on savings & checking accounts may change daily. Penalty for early withdrawal from CDs. Interest is compounded daily on all deposits. Fees could reduce earnings on your account.
See Rules and Regulations for more details.