Jillora Summers CEO 1st National Bank
Jillora Summers
1st National Bank
1st National Bank Information Systems
Glen Ayala
Senior Vice President
Information Processing
JJ Cefaratti 1st National Bank Administrator
J.J. Cefaratti
Senior Vice President
Banking Center Administrator
Joe Cesta - 1st National Bank Attorney
Joe Cesta
Senior Vice President
Ron Fischer - 1st National Bank Vice President
Ron Fischer
Executive Vice President
Bob Harlow 1st National Bank President
B. Robert Harlow
1st National Bank
Paul Revelson - 1st National Bank Attorney
Paul Revelson
Senior Vice President
Don Roberts - Executive Vice President Mortgages
Don Roberts
Executive Vice President
Mortgage Lending
britt pitcher
Britt Pitcher
Head of Talent

Brooke Taylor Marketing Manager
Brooke Taylor
Marketing Manager

Dee Dee Verhoff Vice President 1st National Bank
Dee Dee Verhoff
Senior Vice President

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Our mission is to help you "Bank your best". We value your trust and pledge to meet your highest level of expectations.