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Shredding Personal Documents and When to Dispose of Them

When you put a piece of paper in the trash it can be difficult know what happens to it.  Since few people burn trash anymore, it is likely that your trash passes through several stages on its way to a landfill or incinerator.  Every step that occurs once the trash leaves your control has risk that someone will find personal […]

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Protecting Your Mail

The mail you receive and send includes information that deserves special attention.  Everything from account numbers and balances on financial accounts to the name and account number on checks you mail can be valuable to thieves and other scam artists.   Here are some ideas to help keep your mail secure:   Never send cash or coins.  Use checks and […]

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Protecting Your Internet Activities and Electronic Data

With more of our financial activities occurring over the Internet, it is important to be aware of risks these activities entail and steps you can take to reduce the risk that someone will illegally gain access to your private information or financial accounts.   Common Internet Scams Auction fraud – This may take many forms including emails saying you have […]

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