Looking to build your credit? How about an additional credit card with a rewards program? At 1st National Bank, our goal is to help YOU Bank your best.™ We know choosing the right credit card can be stressful and we want to make the process easy and simple. We have many credit card options to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, fair credit, or good credit. We do our best to provide you access to the funds you need. Don’t settle for a credit card that doesn’t work as hard for you as we do.

At 1st National Bank, we offer two types of credit card options to fit your specific financial needs. We offer secured credit cards and unsecured credit cards. What does that mean to you?

best credit cards for 2021

Unsecure Credit Cards

A great credit card with the potential to have a 0.00% APR introductory rate for 12 months on both purchases and balance transfers. Click here for a quick summary of benefits

  • Rewards earned for qualifying purchases
  • Introductory rate for both balance transfers and purchases
  • Cell Phone protection
  • Typically requires higher credit score, on time payments, and verified income
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secure credit card for 2021

Secure Credit Card

A credit builder card can help you get on the right track by reporting monthly payments to the credit bureau, while still being tied to an account.

  • Often called a guaranteed credit card
  • Secured to an account
  • Allows you to build your credit score with monthly payments
  • Payments are reported to credit bureaus to be recorded on your credit report
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You can check your credit card balance, transaction history, make a payment, and review your rewards here.

To report a lost or stolen credit card, please call 1-800-423-7503.

Certificates of DepositIcon For: Rates

Term Rate APY*
6 - 12 Months .50% .50%
1 - 2 Years .60% .60%
2 - 3 Years .70% .70%
4-5 Years 0.80% 0.80%

*Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of 2/9/2021 and is subject to change without notice. A $1,000 minimum balance is required to obtain the APY. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.