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If you are in the business of helping others, let us help you.  Due to the structure of most non-profit organizations, there is generally a duty to make financially sound and sustainable decisions.  We believe in the power of community and would be glad to help.  We can be a source of advice for you and your donors or manage some or all of your assets in accordance with your organizational objectives.

 If you trust us to manage your assets, we are dedicated primarily to helping you achieve your organizational goals.  We craft a detailed Investment Policy Statement that helps guide investment decisions and keeps board members apprised of the organization’s asset management strategy and fees.  We also have a special fee structure exclusively for Non-Profits, leaving you more of the money needed to do the good work you do. 

If we can be an asset to your organization to educate your staff or donors on common estate planning techniques for the charitably inclined or giving broad economic updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to donate our time and talents.