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Online Banking FAQs


Q – Can I transfer funds to/from my personal accounts at other financial institutions?

A – Yes.  You can use the External transfer option to transfer to and from your own accounts at other institutions. Processing time for external transfers is dependent on the other financial institution. It usually takes two to three days for the transfer to occur unless you use the Next Day option.

To add external transfers to your 1st National Bank account please complete the following:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Select “External Transfers” in the menu at the top
  3. Select “Add External Account”
  4.  Select “Add a New Account” and follow the prompts to add the account at the other financial institution as an option to transfer.
  5. Within a few days, multiple small deposits will be made to your account at the other financial institution for verification.
  6. After the small deposits have been made at the other institution, select “External Transfers in the menu on top.
  7. Select “Verify External Account Requests” and follow the prompts to confirm the account at the other financial institution.
  8. Once confirmed, the account will appear as an option to transfer to or from in the transactions menu.


Q – Where can I view the Online Banking Terms and Conditions?

A- You can view the Online Banking Terms and Conditions by clicking here.


Q – How can I help prevent unauthorized account activities?

A – While 1st National Bank works hard to protect and secure your accounts, you also have a significant role in preventing and reporting unauthorized account activity.  We highly recommend these practices.


Q – I locked myself out of Online Banking.  How can I get my account unlocked?

A – If you enter your password incorrectly three times, you will be locked out of Online Banking.  You will need to contact us to be unlocked.  For security reasons, we need to speak to you to verify your identification.


Q – I forgot my Online Banking password.

A – No problem.  Just click “Forgot Password” and we will email your password to you.  If you don’t get the email, please contact us and we will give you a new password and verify that your email address is correct.

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