The Tools To Keep You Secure

  Securing your bank account starts with a strong password. You probably know the importance of a strong password, but did you know using the same password for multiple accounts is the easiest way fraudsters take account access? 1st National Bank strongly recommends unique passwords for all of your logins. To make this easier, pick a memorable silly sentence that does not include personal information, such as !FidoIsFunnyAlways5!   No need to stop there with the creativity because we recommend fun security question answers too! Often times the answer to security questions can be found with a quick google search, so we recommend strategically picking an answer, that may not be the honest answer, but an answer that will not be found through searching the internet. What’s your mother’s maiden name can easily be Pajamas instead of Smith.  

You Are Safe With Us – What We Do

  1st National Bank requires two layers of defense, because two is better than one. Two-factor authentication is activated when you are first logging into online banking from an unfamiliar device, to ensure a fraudster is not getting access if they get ahold of your login credentials. With this method, you will need your password and another proof of identity, such as a one-time code sent to your phone or authenticator.   1st National Bank allows you to use fingerprint or facial recognition login to securely access your account on your smartphone. Biometric programs, such as these, help protect you because it can not be forgotten or stolen like a conventional password. We urge you to log into the mobile app to set up this safety feature.   Looking for another way to prevent identity theft? Set up alerts! Log into online banking and click on profile to set up alerts if your account has had profile changes, such as a recent password change.   Protecting your account starts with you, but 1st National Bank is here to give you all the resources to succeed. Always here to help you Bank Your Best.