Real Estate Taxes in Warren County

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Real Estate Taxes in Warren County: Insights from a Special Kiwanis Event at 1st National Bank

Greetings, dear readers!

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a captivating Kiwanis event in our Community Room in Lebanon. The main highlight of the day? An informative session led by none other than Matt Nolan, the Warren County Auditor.

The Valuation Cycle: Warren County’s Unique Timeline

Surrounding counties are in the throes of updating their property valuations this year. But Warren County, as Matt Nolan explained, stands apart with its own distinctive schedule. While most are engrossed in their current re-appraisals, Warren County patiently waits its turn, set for 2025. If you’re from our county and have been curious about your property value, Matt’s insights offered clarity.

Demystifying Real Estate Taxes: Where Does Your Money Go?This image is an infographic titled warren county real estate taxes where does your money go it features a large pie chart in yellow and black with three sections labeled local schools law enforcement and county admin local schools occupy the largest portion reflecting 75 of real estate taxes Below the pie chart there is explanatory text providing context wondering where your real estate taxes go 75 of real estate taxes are allocated towards local schools The remainder of funds are allocated to law enforcement and county administrative work the bottom of the infographic includes the logo of 1st national bank with the slogan bank your best™ a silhouette outline of ohio state and the website url www Bankwith1st Com The graphic uses a green and black color scheme with white text for clarity

As attendees settled comfortably in our Community Room, Matt Nolan demystified the complex world of Real Estate taxes:

  • Local Schools: They are the prime beneficiaries. A staggering 75% of real estate taxes are allocated to them. This reflects Warren County’s steadfast commitment to nurturing education.
  • Jails and Sheriff’s Office: Ensuring safety and law enforcement remains a top priority. The subsequent significant share of real estate taxes is earmarked for these essential services.
  • County Admin: The remainder ensures that our county’s administration continues to function seamlessly, maintaining its stellar services for residents.


Understanding Tax Impacts

An important note for residents in the Mason and Kings school districts: While property values are subject to change, it’s crucial to remember that these changes do not always correspond to equivalent shifts in taxes. In fact, in these specific areas, an increase in property value often translates to only a minimal increase in taxes. This is a key aspect of our county’s approach to balancing fiscal responsibility with maintaining quality education and services.

Auditor Department: The Unsung Champions

Matt Nolan also illuminated the multifaceted role of the Auditor Department. Beyond crunching numbers, he holds the distinguished title of “County Sealer.” His diligent team ensures accuracy at gas pumps, guarantees fair supermarket scales, and confirms that consumers pay the price they see. Their dedication safeguards the interests of Warren County‘s residents daily.

In Conclusion

Hosting this event in our Community Room was not just about fostering financial literacy but also strengthening community bonds. As we wrapped up, I was reminded of the importance of such enlightening events and our community’s desire to stay informed. A heartfelt thank you to Matt Nolan, the Kiwanis Club, and all attendees.


Stay informed and engaged, and always know that 1st National Bank is here for the community!


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