Debit Cards: More Secure Than You May Think

Debit Cards: More Secure Than You Might Think

Debit cards are a powerful tool for secure purchasing and paying for items and services. There are a lot of scams and malicious ways people will try to gain access to your money. How can you go about your regular purchases with the confidence of knowing you are being safe? Here are a few helpful tips to follow when using your debit card.


Debit Cards EMV Chips

There are multiple layers of security featured in today’s debit cards. Debit cards now have EMV chips which make it much harder to skim during transactions at places such as stores, point-of-purchase, or ATMs.

Debit cards secure

Debit Cards PIN’s (Personal Identification Number)

In order to use a debit card, you must also know the PIN. Once you have inserted your card and the transaction has been sent to your bank, your PIN is considered an added verification step. It is a good general rule to never keep your PIN written down in your wallet, or really anywhere someone may be able to see it and take that information. It is also worth noting that you should try to conceal your PIN while entering it into a keypad.


Limit of Liability

Most debit cards have a limit of liability to protect against fraudulent charges. The amount of the charges and the timeframe in which the charges have occurred will determine the amount of coverage you would receive. It would be a good idea to check with your bank to make sure you know the terms for the limit of liability.


Secure Checking

Lastly, some financial institutions offer rewards and benefits with their checking accounts. At 1st National Bank, we offer a Secure Checking account that comes loaded with rewards and benefits. Our Secure Checking account offers fraud protection which will keep an eye out for fraudulent transactions on your checking account. It also offers Shopping Rewards, Travel and Leisure Discounts, and more.


View our Checking Account Comparison here


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