1st National Bank 2023 FHLB Welcome Home Program Grant money down payment closing cost assistance homebuyers


FHLB Down Payment Assistance Makes Home Buying Affordable – Even Use A Grant For Closing Costs!


Reserve Your Spot For Gov Grants | Limited Funds For 2023 | First Come – First Serve | February 6th & July 6th, 2023


What is a Welcome Home Program Loan?

1st National Bank is a Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB Grant) Cincinnati Member Participating Bank. Homebuyer Housing Assistance makes affordable housing possible. Apply today to see if you qualify for an FHLB grant from the Welcome Home Program or other grant programs available to Cincinnati, Ohio residents.

  • Grants of up to $15,000 for honorably discharged veterans, surviving spouses of military personnel, and active-duty military homebuyers
  • Up to $10,000 for all other homebuyers


What are the FHLB Welcome Home Grant Money Eligible Homebuyer Requirements?

  • The total income for all occupants who will reside in the home is at or below 80 percent of the Mortgage Revenue Bond
    (MRB) limit for the county and state where the property is located
  • A fully executed (signed by buyer and seller) purchase contract on an eligible property is in hand
  • The homebuyer has at least $500 of their own funds to contribute towards the down payment and/or closing costs
  • If a first-time homebuyer (typically anyone who has not owned a home in the last three years), a satisfactory homebuyer
    counseling course is completed prior to the loan closing. Note: Applicants do not have to be first-time homebuyers.


What are the FHLB Welcome Home Grant Money Eligible Property Requirements?

  • The property will be the homebuyer’s primary residence;
  • The property is a single-family, townhome, condominium, duplex, multi-unit (up to four-family units), or a qualified
    manufactured home. (Manufactured homes may be eligible if they are taxed as real estate and affixed to a permanent
  • The property is subject to a legally enforceable five-year retention mechanism, included in the Deed or as a Declaration
    of Restrictive Covenants to the Deed, requiring the FHLB Cincinnati be given notice of any refinancing, sale,
    foreclosure, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or change in ownership during the five-year retention period.


There are two chances this year but don’t be late and miss out on FHLB grant money.


Homebuyers must apply and qualify for a mortgage loan to utilize the grant.


The FHLB Welcome Home Grant Process

1st National Bank Federal Home Loan Bank Welcome Home Program Process


View FHLB Welcome Home Definitions
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*Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. FHLB Participant. Not all applications will qualify. A guarantee to lend is neither offered nor implied based on this advertisement. FHLB grant money available 2/6/2023 and 7/6/2023 until it runs out, typically within a few weeks. Grants are given on a first-serve basis and approved by both 1st National Bank AND FHLB Cincinnati. Additional conditions may apply.

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