Specialty Programs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is FHLB Welcome Home Program?

“The Welcome Home Program (WHP) offers grants to fund reasonable down payments and closing costs incurred in conjunction with the acquisition or construction of owner-occupied housing by low- and moderate-income homebuyers. The grants are limited to $7,500 for homebuyers who are honorably discharged veterans or active duty military personnel and $5,000 for all other homebuyers.”*

Who has this grant money?

NOT ALL BANKS HAVE GRANT MONEY AVAILABLE BUT 1st National Bank is provided with grant money for home buyers, active military, and honorably discharged veterans. 1st National Bank will provide qualified buyers with grant money until no funds remain. Banks in the program have different amounts of grant money available. If you talk to another bank and they don’t have grant money available, call us and ask!

How do I get grant money?

The best way to learn more about grant money and the Welcome Home Program is to contact one of our experienced mortgage loan officers.

Can I get grant money at any time?

No, the program begins March 1nd 2021 and continues until the funds have been exhausted. The time frame is typically four to five weeks, so please contact as soon as possible!

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