December 18, 2013

Bank Statements on CD!


Have all of your 2014 checking account records put on a CD.

CD includes:

   All statements from 2014

   Copies of all checks cleared

   Statements for any other accounts attached to your checking account 

The benefits:

  • You will have all of your 2014 checking account records in one place!
  • Improves Security of your records!
  • Great for Tax Records!
  • Easy to store!
  • Eliminates the need to save and file all of that paper!


Q.      How much does it cost?

A.       $20.00 per CD. In most cases, all of your account information will fit on one CD. 

Q.      What information will be on the CD?

A.       Copies of all statements for all of your checking accounts and copies of all items that cleared the accounts. 

Q.      What accounts can I include on my CD?

A.       Any checking accounts that you own or have signing authority and all savings accounts or CDs that are attached to those accounts. 

Q.      How do I get it?

A.       Click here to Complete the order form. Print is  out, complete it, then drop it off at one of our locations or fax it to 513-932-7119

Q.      When will I get it?

A.       The CD will  be mailed to your home. It should arrive 10 to 14 days after the statement containing
          the last of your 2014 transactions has been produced. 

Q.      Why should I order the CD?

A.       The CD is a permanent record that can be saved for years.

  • All of your 2014 information will be in one place.
  • It can be loaded on multiple PCs.
  • You can print copies of statements and checks whenever and as often as you want.
  • You can destroy all of that paper in your files.
  • The CD makes it much easier to find a copy of a check or statement.




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