Heartbleed Virus

The Heartbleed bug continues to impact computer systems worldwide. Heartbleed is a security vulnerability in a technology component (OpenSSL) used by a large number of the Internet’s web sites to secure the traffic, passwords and other sensitive information transmitted to and from users and visitors. The flaw permits unauthorized access to server memory, which might include usernames and passwords, re-usable browser cookies, or even encryption keys used to secure the transmission of your information. Because of this, a site can remain affected long after the actual bug is fixed. 

As the media continues to report on the threat of the Heartbleed Bug, 1st National Bank wants to assure our customers that your information is safe at the Bank. In addition, 1st National Bank’s Online Banking provider, FISERV, is fully aware of this virus and is reacting to it. They performed a thorough investigation of the virus and they feel it does not impact our Online Banking service. The encryption methods used for the user name and password authentication as well as the customer data display does not use the threatened OpenSSL library, which is the source of vulnerability with this virus. They continue to investigate the reaches of this “bug” and are working with third party vendors (our Bill Payer provider and others) to assess the impact on these systems. 1st National Bank is confident that our customers will not be impacted in any way. 

Even though our online banking platform was found not to be vulnerable to Heartbleed, you should consider changing your online banking passwords. Given that users tend to re-use passwords on multiple web applications, the same username/password combination could have been used on another vulnerable web application.


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