Bank to Bank Transfer


Now you can securely transfer money between banks!  Sign in to transfer money between your accounts at 1st National Bank accounts and your accounts at other banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms.  Using the External Transfer function on 1st Online, you can automate the authentication of the external account, and move funds between banks as quick as the next day!

You can.....

1.  Transfer money to make your 1st National Bank loan payment
2.  Send/Receive one-time transfers.
3.  Schedule future transfers.
4.  Schedule recurring transfers.
5.  Standard (3-day) and/or Next-day delivery services.

To begin making external transfers, sign in and click on an account, then click the link for "External Transfer".

Some links open in a .pdf format and require Adobe Reader to open.  Click here if you need to download a new version of Adobe Reader.  

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